All About Businesses on Wheels

Business on Wheels

Life is dynamic and so is the human mind. Mobile business is becoming a very popular venture all over the world today. Business on wheels foodtruck serves to bring to your door step the same services that, ordinarily, would have taken you a kilometer away to access. It was innovation-driven! The progenitors of this mode of business typeknew that due to our dynamic lifestyle and ever changing societal valuesthat they have to go out there to catch some customers. This type of business exploits mobility and is meant to bring your favorite services right to your home. It ranges from food vendors to florists though for clarity purposes this article will make references to food vending only.

How to Start a Business on Wheels

Though the need and the reason why this type of business have come to have been given an introduction in the paragraph above, there is the need talk more about how to start and/or buy and make this business a success.

To start any new business, logic requires that you must get the lowdown on the business else it is headed for the rocks. Starting a Business on Wheels is not different.

Get a handle on the Market:

First, you must understudy the market and what makes it tick. This may be an uphill task and may even sound absurd to some who want to venture into this type of business but it is the way to go. You need to know what the future growth statistics projections look like and acceptability by the people. For instance, it is said that this kind of business thrives on instant one-on-one interaction. This allows you to tilt towards what the people want in your next production.

The Issue of capital:

Has it ever been heard there was any business that started without some form of capital layout? Every mobile business, like all other types of business, must have some upfront costs to get it up and running. To start a business of this nature, surveys have it that you will require between 150,000 USD to about 55,000 USD. The truck takes a larger chunk of the lot. You need a truck that is spacious, durable and trustworthy to venture into this business.

Then there is the issue of human capital. The right type of staff is needed to make this a success. This too is expensive but you can never sidetrack this unless you have no plans of making your mobile business a success.

The Issue of Legal Framework

We live in a society controlled by laws. These laws are meant to be obeyed to the letter. And as our ways of life changes new laws are made to check and reflect our current or improved lifestyle. There are legislations governing every kind of small business in any given region. And as most business on wheels are mostly food vendors, these laws
take into cognizance things like:

·Permits and Licensing,
·Safety Regulations and Public Health,
·Zoning, etc.

The extent of regulations varies from one city to another. But the concerns are usually the same.

A Growth contingency Plan

While planning for any business you must not fail to factor in the issue of a growth plan. This helps you in planning on how to increase production and also meet the various demands which must arise in the process of carrying out day to day activities. If you fail to do this you be sure that you are on a one way ride which leads only to the south.

Have a Focused Menu

This is the reason you are in business in the first instant. It is what your customers get from you that will either keep them coming for more or give you the skirts. So plan this very carefully with your particular niche in mind.


Business on Wheels has come to stay. It dots most corners of our streets. One thing you cannot take away from them is their efficiency and zeal to satisfy their customer some of whom are also away from home.